Friday, 12 October 2012

Samsung Champ 3303i Remove lock code without flashing

Go to setting model tick at > Flash Mode and Use usb
click direct unlock and follow instructons
here is log

Selected model: C3303
Selected com port: COM4
Selected speed port: 921600
Press "volume up" + "lock" and connect USB cable to phone
Connect to control pipe... OK
Processor ID -> 0A33
Sending loader... OK
Connect to control pipe... OK
Connect to write pipe... OK
Connect to read pipe... OK
Damping... OK
Erasing... OK
Sending... OK
Unlock - ok
If lock - not deactivate: Please make full reset *2767*3855# + input code #7465625*638*00000000#
Elapsed time: 133 second, sw ver: 3.5.0027

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  1. abe ghodu click aur connect kis module pe karna hai? where is link?